Helping Teachers Do Interventions in their Own Classrooms!

taught by Pat Quinn
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Pat Quinn
Pat Quinn
The RTI Guy

About the instructor

Pat Quinn is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and the author of three bestselling books.. Each year over 100,000 people attend Pat Quinn's presentations to laugh and learn with one of America's best trainers!

Many teachers struggle to implement high-quality academic interventions in their classrooms. This seminar will show you how to help your teachers send fewer students out of class for interventions, and offer more academic help inside their classrooms. 

The challenge for schools is clear: instruction must change to meet the new demands of the state standards.  Doing more interventions in the classroom is an integral part of this change and meets the needs of all students in your classroom. 

Seminar Topics Include

  1. Finding the TIME to do interventions
  2. Creating the STRUCTURE to do interventions
  3. The best INSTRUCTION during interventions
  4. Increasing the pace of learning Using technology to increase learning
  5. Increasing staff engagement
  6. Plus much,more more!

This seminar will walk you through setting up a classroom based intervention plan that will give teachers the confidence and understanding needed to send fewer students outside of the classroom. This seminar will include classroom intervention strategies from elementary, middle, and high school levels. It is designed for anyone who works to help improve instruction in schools: instructional coaches, specialists, administrators, directors, lead teachers, department heads, mentors, and teachers. 

The focus of this seminar be on helping teachers deliver interventions in their own classrooms using your existing schedule. This seminar is not designed to show you how to change your schedule to make times for Tier Two small-group interventions. 

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Course Contents

12 Videos

Course Curriculum

Seminar Handouts
The Foundation of Classroom Interventions
The Structure of Classroom Interventions