RTI in the Age of Standards

taught by Pat Quinn
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Pat Quinn
Pat Quinn
The RTI Guy

About the instructor

Pat Quinn is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and the author of three bestselling books.. Each year over 100,000 people attend Pat Quinn's presentations to laugh and learn with one of America's best trainers!

Pat Quinn has helped over 15,000 schools across the country implement Response to Intervention.  In this seminar, he will show you what has changed in the last ten years with RTI, including:

  1. How does RTI work with state standards?
  2. How does RTI work with state assessments?
  3. How does formative assessment work with RTI?
  4. What are the latest progress monitoring tools?
  5. What are the latest technology tools?
  6. What are the best new interventions?

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help!

Most schools are trying to implement a ton of different things right now and teachers struggle to see how they all fit together. This seminar will show teaching and support staff how RTI is not "one more thing" to do, but the glue that binds the other initiatives together and makes them work.

RTI has changed a great deal in the past 10 years and this seminar will show you the latest and best implementation strategies. 

Every grade level. Every situation.

This seminar is loaded with specific examples of implementation at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Learn the best interventions, the best tech tools, and the best strategies for every tier. 

No matter if your school is newly implementing RTI or if you've been doing it for a decade, this seminar will teach you everything you need to know about success with RTI. 

Course Contents

14 Videos